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Intlantsi is the publication of the CPSA(M-L)

Super-Monopolies subject workers to wage slavery. The Super - Monopolies export their capital to the under developed and developed countries under the pretence of job-creation but in reality, they aim at super-exploitation of workers. They exploit not only the wage labour but also the natural resources of the under develop countries. They, on the other hand weaken the trade union movement by changing the labour laws to suit their interests, in order for them to continue with the exploitation of the workers without resistance. The workers are now becoming prison or cheap-labourers who lost their trade union rights with less wage and worst conditions of work. This is as result of the monopolies' re-organizatoin of international capitalist production, which led to massive job-losses, contract employment and excessive exploitation of workers. The super-monopoly companies like Dailmer Benz in South Africa out- sourced some of the production lines and handed-over those outsourced departments to the new managements or labour brokers since they do not want to take responsibility of those workers who work at those out sourced departments. This action of the Super-monopoly capitalists divide the workers and weaken the trade union movement. For instance, Dailmer-Benz South Africa outsourced one of the department deals with logistics called Insync, Lear Corporation which deals with the manufacturing of seats and as well as other departments, immediately after the out-source production lines the workers' wages were reduced and their working conditions become worsened more and more. The strike of the DB Schenker workers in East London, which is the one of the out-sourced production line at Dailmer Benz in East London left the workers vulnerable to dismissal because there was no solidarity support from Dailmer-Benz workers and workers of other suppliers of Dailmer Benz. The CPSA (M-L) calls for all workers of Dailmer- Benz and other compenents of Dailmer-Benz to unite and fight together their struggles, in order to protect themselves from dismissals, victimization and excessive exploitation by employer.

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