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The Statement by the Communist Party Of South Africa ( Marxist-Leninist), CPSA(M-L) on the expulsion of NUMSA by Cosatu leadership.

The Communist Party of South Africa ( Marxist – Leninist), CPSA (M-L) strongly condemns the expulsion of NUMSA by COSATU leadership from the federation COSATU. Such action is not in the interests of the South African working class movement because it leads to the weakening and paralysing of the working class movement of South Africa more and more, which is already weakening by the existence of three federations in one country.

The division within the working class movement in South Africa, is due to the fact that the leaderships of these federations are following the big bourgeois and petty-bourgeois politics not the working class politics, which they benefit from them. The government and the labour aristocracy are both loyal to the imperialists because they are the servants of imperialism.

The trade unions leadership of South Africa today, are no more fighting for the workers's interests, instead, they become co-management and they deliberately fail to call a solidarity support among the workers when some of the workers are fighting against their employers, the previous mine-workers'strike is one of the example. This attutide of trade union leaders affects the working class organisations tremendously because the workers are no longer following the slogan of “an injury to one is an injury to all”, which employers and the government were afraid of.

The CPSA(M-L) did advise these three federations leadership to pledge solidarity support with the then striking mine-workers and collect monies from their membership in order to strengthen their struggles who had nothing to eat during the prolong strike. But, the call of the CPSA(M-L) had fallen to deaf ears.

The labour aristocratic leaders seemed to be under mining the workers'unity and struggles , they are only looking upon themselves to become milloiners out of workers' monies and money-bribes from the employers and government. Instead of protecting the workers's interests they protect the employers'interests.

The division and the weakness of the working class movement in South Africa help both the government and big bourgeoisie because the neo-colonialist and neo-apartheid government is now having a chance of pursuing the neo-liberal policies of imperialism without too much resistance and the big bourgeoisie, on the other hand, are now able to continue with their super-exploitation of workers without being threatening by the united workers struggles.

The Zuma government has claimed that the ANC- led government is pro-workers, this is not true, ANC-led government is anti-workers. Ever since the ANC took control of the state from 1994 until to date, many workers had lost their jobs and even now the workers are faced with mass-dismissal like the post-office employees today, who are going to lose their jobs soon. The government employees are also faced with the job reduction and wage increase decline early next year as it was announced by the minister of finance, just recently. Many workers in South Africa are still earning a slavery wage which is far less than their necessities of life and there are many workers who are still working under bad and dangerous conditions especially in the mining and farming sectors.

Can one says that the ANC-led government is pro-workers whilst it is implementing the imperialist programmes which destroy many jobs in South Africa. This government promotes and protects the interests of the international monopolies, the comprador class and land-lords not for the poor people. It only confuses the poor people by saying it is a people's government and an old organization of the people of South Africa which fought for a national liberation. It says so because it wants their votes during the election campaigns but in actual fact, it is a bourgeois government which is the servant of imperialism.

For the working class, peasants and all revolutionaries to achieve a new-democratic republic in South Africa, they need to fight and defeat imperialism. To defeat imperialism needs the revolutionary anti-imperialist front. The people of South Africa can not be to nationalize the industries, mines,banks and land and further expropriate the imperialist investments and put the wealth of our country under the People's government, without defeating the imperialism. To talk about the nationalization of the big industries,mines and etc. without defeating the imperialism is a talkshow.

To defeat the imperialism workers, peasants and revolutionaries must come and join and as well as to strengthen the Communist Party Of South Africa (M-L). The People's government and Socialism will be achieved through the revolutionary Communist Party, CPSA(M-L).

The CPSA(M-L) calls upon all the workers of South Africa to call a workers'summit where there will be serious discussions about the strong unity of the South African working class movement, such discussions among the workers will lead to the establishment of one federation in South Africa which is going to be controlled by the workers themselves. A federation that will fight and protect the workers' interests and also promote the working class Political line. Such will lead to the self-liberation of the working class but not depending upon to the political organizations which are representing the imperialist interests.

The workers must unite and under mine division among themselves made by the imperialists and their agents !!

Communist Party Of South Africa (CPSA) – Marxist – Leninist (CPSA M-L).

The earth shall rise on new foundations


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