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Nearly 80 000 mine workers in South Africa's Platinum mines are on Strike

The mine-workers' strike led by the Association of mine workers and Construction Union (Amcu) an alternative trade union from Cosatu Affiliate, National Union of Mine Workers(NUM) is the first important strike to the South African workers and world in the year 2014. This strike had started on 23rd January 2014 until to date and is the longest strike in the mining industry led by the trade union since the beginning of the so called 1994 democratic dispensation.
The mine workers have demanded a basic wage increase of R12 500 since they earn little wage between R5000 and R6000 per month, workers are making billions of rands for the industry but, they have nothing to show that they work for the richest industry in the world, most of this workers are migrants as they are drawn from mostly rural areas of South Africa, Lesotho and other African Countries, back home the families of this workers are in an abject poverty, while on the other hand, the mine bosses have offered 9% annual increase for the next coming three years, but the workers refused the offer. Nedlac has rejected Amcu application for the solidarity strike by the gold and coal workers on the basis that the strike doesn't fall within the protected strike regulations.

The mining monopolies and government are frustrated by the strike as this cost them to loose per day R100million, as a result the monopolies have threatened the workers to close 2 of its mining shafts due to the loses they encounter because of the workers action, which will mean loses of jobs by the workers.


NUM leadership is collaborating with the mine bosses and they called the police to arrest the shop stewards so that the strike comes to an end. The government said it does not want the unrest in the mines because the unrest will threaten the investors and the police are deployed at Anglo – Platinum and Impala. The antagonistic contradictions between the workers and the mine monopolies and also the state has become obvious.


The workers are becoming strong and united in their struggle against the mine bosses and the state

and their class consciousness develops to a higher level of proletarian class consciousness.


The Communist Party of South Marxist -Leninist (CPSA/ML) calls on all the workers and the masses of South Africa and the world at large to give support and solidarity to the workers of the Platinum mines in South Africa, We also urge Amcu to ignore the Nedlac rejection of its application for solidarity strike by their members in the coal and gold industry. It is clear that this institution(Nedlac) as the arm of the state will always compromise the future of workers and that of our children in the interest of super-profit by the monopolies through over-exploitation and oppression of the workers and the working class in general. Following the interests of the working class an independent strike out of the bounds of the South African labour laws. To carry the obligations for the future of the working class and mankind,will be the way to the overthrow of the system of exploitation and oppression (capitalism) and ushering of the restoration of harmonious unity between man and nature which will address the needs of the people and recognize the contribution of every man in society on equal basis and then we can only realize through socialism led by the workers themselves with the masses.


The CPSA/ML must be strengthened. All consciousness workers shall be encouraged to be become members in the revolutionary line.

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