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A call by the CPSA (M –L) to COSATU, FEDUSA and NACTU

The CPSA(M-L) calls upon all the working class organizations,COSATU,FEDUSA,NACTU and other trade unions to pledge solidarity with the striking Platinum Belt mine-workers in support of their struggle to fight for wage increase and better conditions of work. All workers at their workplaces should actively support the mine-workers' strike in all forms of struggles including collecting donations.

This struggle is not only for the mine-workers, this is the struggle for the whole South African working class which is exploited and oppressed for many decades by the capitalists and state machinery. Even after 1994 until to date when the workers were voting for the ANC to become a ruling party in the neo-apartheid and neo-colonialist parliament but their conditions of work did not change for the better at all.

The mine-workers are dying in the mines with serious accidents, tuberculosis and working hard but they are getting little wages. This problem does not affect only the mine-workers it affects all the workers of South Africa. This shows that when the workers are voting for the bourgeois parliamentary government, they are just wasting their time. Even the recent elections of 2014 will not improve the lives of the working class. These leaders of the bourgeois and petty-bourgeois parties and even those of emerging parties want to enrich themselves and their families at the expense of lying to the poor people. The high rate of unemployment and the conditions of employment under the neo-apartheid and neo-colonialist government will be more worse than before.

Whenever the workers are fighting to improve their working conditions and better wages the answer will be shooting and arrests as it is the case in the mine-workers in Marikana and at other places of employment. This shows that the South African government is protecting the interests of both the local and international monopoly capitalists not the interests of the workers.

Without changing the capitalist- imperialist dominated system and transforming it into a Socialist system the lives of the working class will remain poor forever. The revolutionary change of capitalism to Socialism can only be done through unity and struggles of the working class.

The Communist Party Of South Africa (Marxist – Leninist) is strongly condemning the divisive approach by NUM leadership to the striking workers by encouraging its members to go to work ,instead of calling the workers to forge their maximum unity in the struggle to fight their wage increase. The leadership of NUM should remember that these workers are earning little wages for many years and dying in the pit because of unsafe working conditions.

The CPSA(M-L) is calling the mine-workers in the Platinum belt to stop killing each other because you are all brothers and sisters who should unite in your struggle against the mine-bosses. All workers must unite and fight for a better wage-increase bearing in mind that for many years you are working very hard and dying in the mines but getting little wages because the mine-bosses who do not care about your lives. They are only care about their maximum profits not you.

Let the Federations,Trade unions and workers ,all revolutionaries and peace-loving people to discuss about the need of the establishment of the Anti -Imperialist Front which will bring about unity of the people of South Africa irrespective of their political affiliations and creed to fight against the imperialist programmes which are destroying South Africa and its people's future.

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